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It has recently come to my attention that the term "Islamaphobia" has been constructed by Islamic intellectuals as a "tool" with which they intend to dampen criticism of terrorism being systematically used by an extremist body of individuals within the general religion of Islam.   The core of this body of extremists call themselves the "Muslim Brotherhood".  And from this core philosophy of totalitarian  belief has sprung a host of organizations or groups known by various names whose purpose is to fulfill the first part of a "plan" being carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood.  This plan is little known outside those that have sworn to give their lives in the fulfillment of a dream of world domination.

These groups all share the same beliefs [as the new President of Egypt recently said in a video] "Jihad shall be our Constitution".   What is "Jihad"?  The Muslim Brotherhood defines Jihad as a long protracted plan for  reestablishing world domination by the religion of Islam. This plan is explained in a recent documentary that the Blaze Network presented as "The Project" [in October, 2012]. The Project is the name this documentary gives to this plan by the Muslim Brotherhood to impose the Islamic religion [a special form of Islam called  Charia]  upon the world.  On the face of it, such a plan is not unfamiliar to the West, having seen a similar plan attempted by Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and other despotic regimes over the years.  Such an idea of course strikes Westerners as a delusional dream.  And here is where the typical Westerner fails to appreciate the fanatical adherence to this idea by millions of people.

And the success of this "plan" can perhaps be measured by the fact that the Obama administration has a number of Muslim Brotherhood agents working in top positions within its administration.  One is to be found as a "consultant" in Homeland Security.  And another is Huma Abedin [a relative of the new President of Egypt], who serves as a top aide to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  There are also several agents of the Muslim Brotherhood said to be working as "instructors" to military personnel being deployed in the Middle East.

But this review is not to warn of the danger of infiltration of our government by the Muslim Brotherhood.  This review is a warning that Hillary Clinton, and one assumes at the behest of President Obama, is pushing a U.N. resolution that would, if passed by the Senate, override the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.  That is, it would eliminate free speech in America.

It was smart of the Muslim Brotherhood to concoct the idea of "Islamaphobia".  It was even smarter to slip the notion that Islam needs special protection through the U.N. in such a way that anyone saying anything, or doing anything that is disturbing to the people of Islam would be against the law.  So, should this law be signed by the Senate, anyone even mentioning the phrase "Islamic terrorist" would be committing a crime.

What is a phobia?  What causes a phobia?  To accept that there is such a thing as Islamaphobia, we might first consider what a phobia is?

By definition, a phobia is a fear of something.  Do people fear what they don't understand? Yes, sometimes people do fear what they fail to understand. Fear of the dark, for instance.  Or fear of height. Or fear of water.  So, where do these fears come from?  What I am about to tell you will surprise you, but it will also require you to stretch your credulity just a bit.

Fairly unknown to modern mental health [because modern mental health has been in denial of the Esoteric dimensions of Man for about a century], is the fact that some people have, deeply repressed within their MINDs [your MIND is not your brain, but a subtle body of energy within you], what I refer to as "misperceptions".  Now these misperceptions are caused by ones MIND   being influenced by the Fate Karma ones Soul designed for this lifetime.  And of course I am introducing the concepts of the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation.  These concepts represent the two basic foundation stones of Creation, although they are virtually unknown in the West, and in America, because of Christianity with its "one life to life" theme.  An excellent book to read for those not too fearful of the Truth, is a book written by Dr.Julian Johnson, The Path of the Masters.  Here.

This review of the term "Islamaphobia" is of crucial importance because this "invented" term is being used today as a means of discounting honest inquiry.  Or to divert attention from what needs to be investigated. It is also being used to place a screen between insidious delusional activity by very sick individuals and people who are easily intimidated by terms they do not know.  Islamaphobia is being used just like Homophobia was used over the last several decades.  To denounce normal people who objected to homosexuals trying to "groom" elementary children.

To have a real phobia, a person must possess a memory in his/her MIND.  A person's fearful actions may be interpreted by people who don't know better, as indications of a phobia.  But simply having a fear of the unknown is not a phobia, it is simply a fear of the unknown.  This fear differs from a phobia in that a phobia is a memory of a certain experience... and for that person, the experience may not be remembered intellecually, but  it is deeply etched in the person's MIND by actual experience.  Not in this life necessarily, but more often by time spent in some Hell where a person's MIND was being taught a "lesson".  If, for instance, a person killed another person by drowning that person, in Hell, the murderer, will experience being drowned over and over again over a long period of time.  This "lesson" is the "cause" behind a person's phobia.  This phobia will diminish over a few lifetimes, but the person will never engage in the same activity again.  Lesson learned.

So, how might we apply this reality of a phobia to Islamaphobia?  The only way that comes to my MIND is that if one commits a terrorist act, in the name of Islam, in the Hell that person will be sent  at the time of death, he/she will experience the consequence of his/her act over and over again.  Such a person will never be persuaded to join Islam... and fortunately, if America will wake up, there will remain other religions for people to join.

As far as any normal person questioning terrorism, that is not a phobia, it is common sense.  My pointing out how stupid it is to allow those sworn to the destruction of America to hold high level positions in the American government is not a phobia, it is common sense.  For anyone to note that wearing a head scarf in the summer is dumb is not a phobia, its common sense.  For anyone to say that refusing to educate women is insane is not due to some phobia, it is common sense.

So, if you are interested in preserving America, and what it stands for... freedom and liberty, then by all means speak out about Hillary Clinton's attempts to destroy the First Amendment and free speech.  Doing so is not Islamaphobia, it's patriotic.


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