Monday, October 8, 2012

Islamophobia and Islamofascism.. peas in a pod

In a recent video, I observed the correspondent, Laura Logan, interviewing an Al Qaeda officer. Someone responsible for murdering anyone who is not a Muslim... and even Muslims... if they get in the way.

Such behavior is alien to people in the West, and in America, and the question is how come?  The reason is the same reason most Americans have no idea what a sociopath is, or what causes a person to be a sociopath?  Such ignorance invites Americans to be easily fooled into believing that there is such a thing as Islamaphobia.  And to completely be confused by behavior labeled Islamofascism.  Or the combining of the terms Islam and Fascism.  Fascism is the natural result of Intellectualism [or use of the brain as ones only means of relating to life] and... a lack of Conscience, due to ones Soul being relatively new to the form of human being.

In other words, contrary to what most people think, a result of simply not knowing otherwise.... within each human being is a Soul that is in the process of fulfilling the Purpose of Life by doing Karma. This applies to every single person on Earth.  And ones behavior is a combination of ones education [or lack of education], ones environmental influences [especially from birth to three years of age], and where, on the Ladder of Life, ones Soul is perched?  Of these three, where, on the Ladder of Life [or LoL] ones Soul is perched is the more important factor in determining ones beliefs, attitudes, and behavior.

In other words, if one can let go of the mistaken notion that one only has one life to live, one can begin to awaken to a much larger Reality than what ones brain can perceive, or even imagine.  To do this, one has to rise above the common notion that ones Soul only has one life to live.  I speak to the reason for this common, and completely false notion in much of my writings, so I won't do so here.

The point is... we have two basic types of people on Earth, reflecting precisely the two basic types of Souls we have on this Earth.   One type is unenlightened, and the other type is the Enlightened Soul. And what determines how Enlightened a Soul is, is how many lifetimes a Soul has lived on Earth -- in the form of a human being?  And yes, this implies that ones Soul can [and has] spent lifetimes in forms other than that of a human being.   Doing Karma is easy.  In fact, it is impossible to life and not do Karma.  The point is... what is the nature of the Karma ones Soul has done?

Animals also accumulate both positive and negative Karma by the actions they engage in.  But since animals and other lesser forms of life do not possess the fifth element, that  of Ether - that only Man possesses, the Karma of animals is pretty much  confined to an automatic maturational process that assures the gradual growth of these Souls.  If the reader wants to research [or seek to validate] what I am writing here, then I recommend:  The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson.  It would of course be helpful if the reader could also spend a number of years in daily meditation... but that only helps, it isn't necessary for reading the book.

The point of this blog is that those people who engage in Islamofascism do not possess evil Souls, but they do possess MINDs [attached to Souls] that are purposely causing them to explore and experience the evils that Mankind is subject to by simply being on this Earth plane.  [Explore MIND Here]. No matter how "civilized" you are now, your Soul had to climb up the Ladder of Life in order to reach the point you now enjoy.  And this was a gradual process requiring many, many lifetimes.

In other words, terrorists are not exactly crazy.... they are simply unenlightened, and they have MINDs that are causing them to pursue  evil activities which they are convinced by their MINDs are both necessary and even beneficial to their religion or religions.  Those that teach them share the same beliefs. And what these people share in common is that each of them have MINDs that operate in  a "delusional state " - creating a delusional physical reality that people within that environment are forced to conform to or face cruel and uncivilized punishment.

It is beyond silly for Liberal-type individuals [unenlightened, but less so than terrorists or Islamic fanatics]  to "think" that by "discussing" words that such people cannot "hear", or comprehend, that these people [who are compelled by their MINDs, and the lower rungs of the Ladder of Life upon which their Souls reside, thus forcing them to do what they are doing] will somehow be able to rise above what they MUST DO, and magically rise several lifetimes worth of experiencing, to "hear" words and concepts they are not supposed to comprehend for many lifetimes into the future.

What I have just written is true, although it varies somewhat with each Soul, but we are talking about apples and oranges here.  It is the role of those who are more Enlightened to gently encourage those Souls who are "ready" to rise.... and they will do so if they can escape the hard core Islamofacist centers in which they suffer.  We must develop small enclaves of Enlightenment in areas near the nations deep into Islamofacism, and quietly allow people to migrate to such enclaves... and to rise according to their natural abilities.

If we subtly provide what protection they require to live the lives they chose to live, we are doing what we are obligated to do.


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